How to maximise your Home’s Small Spaces

Unless your home is perfectly symmetrical, you probably have a few awkward small spaces that are difficult to do anything with. You might be struggling for space in your home and are wondering how you can make the best out of the small space that you have. It is not uncommon for many homes to come with a decent sized master bedroom and two, tiny box rooms that, unless maximised to their full potential, are too small to really use as anything. You might live in a studio apartment that might be that little bit too cosy, even if there is just one of you living there or you might just have an awkward corner of your house that you’re wondering what the hell you can do with? Whatever the small space, maximising it can be both beneficial and cost-effective! Here’s how:Create a vision of space

Trick your guests (and even yourself) into thinking a space is bigger than it actually is with a few simple but sneaky hacks! Ceiling to floor curtains are a great way to make a room seem taller and more spacious – make sure you choose drapes that are the same colour or similar to your walls. Whilst contrasting drapes may have a dramatic effect in a large room, they can make a smaller space appear a little stuffy and claustrophobic. If you don’t need to block the light out totally, sheer drapes can also be a good choice as they let in as much natural light as possible, without totally giving away your privacy. Natural light is great for space maximisation – take advantage of it whenever you can! Of course, when it goes dark, natural light isn’t much use to anyone, and this is where you should choose the right lighting so that your space remains airy and bright. In today’s market, you aren’t just limited to one shade of bulb colour, as LED lighting options range from cool white light to a soft warm glow – depending on the effect you wish to create. For your space to remain open, choose a lighter ‘colour’ which will reflect off surfaces, adding extra dimension, no matter how small the area.

Including mirrors in your space is also a great idea as the reflections will make the room look bigger. Ok, we’re not talking a hall of mirrors in your living room, but a few statement mirrors will create an illusion of space, as well as complementing your décor! Lastly, and probably the most obvious, choose light, fresh colours such as pastels or even plain white, not only to paint your spaces but also to your cushions, rugs and furniture!


If you are limited with your space, it isn’t a great idea to overcrowd it with decoration or furniture. Keeping a simple approach is sometimes a lot easier said than done with all of the gorgeous home décor and accessories available on the market, plus you don’t want to risk your space becoming too bare and clinical. A great way to still fill your room with gorgeous accessories and furniture, yet avoid the clutter is to buy pieces that multitask. Think ottomans or coffee tables with storage space inside, expanding dining tables that can be stored discreetly and convertible sofa beds (there are some really nice, stylish futons available these days, no longer does a sofa bed scream ‘bed sit’).

Rearrange your bathroom

In most cases, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, but also the place that accumulates most mess. A cluttered bathroom can mean the morning rush is stressful and a calm, relaxing bath only exists in your dreams. Most of the time, it’s a lack of storage that means everything is thrown everywhere, toothbrushes, shampoo and shower gel bottles, make up, laundry – you name it and it’s probably dumped in the bathroom. Storing things doesn’t have to mean fitting expensive cabinets and drawers, simple functional storage such as wicker baskets, jars to store toothbrushes and shelves to house towels means that order can be restored in your bathroom!

Get Creative

Getting creative with your space is essential if you want to maximise it. There are some great things available to buy for maximising space such as storage baskets that hang over door frames, wall brackets to hang bikes from and multi-functional kitchen shelves to store spices as well as hang utensils.

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