How To Navigate Breastfeeding For The First Time

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Breastfeeding for the first time? Just like everything that comes with being a first-time mum, breastfeeding is something new to navigate.

There’s a lot of pressure put on a new mother to breastfeed and while there are benefits to breastfeeding, it doesn’t work or suit everyone. With that being said, if you’re looking to breastfeed as a choice, then here are some of the ways in which you can navigate breastfeeding for the first time. 

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Try to keep relaxed at all times

When it comes to breastfeeding for the first time, chances are you’ve just given birth to your baby and you’re overcome with all of these emotions. The sooner your baby is attached to the breast, the better, so try to mentally prepare yourself for feeding the baby as soon as possible.

Keeping relaxed at all times is important and can really help to allow the baby to latch on more easily. Remember both your body and the baby know what they should be doing when it comes to feeding, so it just takes a gentle bit of guidance from you.

Keeping relaxed at all times will take away any pain and struggle that you might encounter.

Understand what might be causing problems

There may be any number of reasons why breastfeeding is a problem. Whether you’re breastfeeding with diabetes, or you have inverted nipples, it’s good to know what potential problems are causing breastfeeding to not be as successful as you’d hoped.

Even with problems, breastfeeding can still be successful, so don’t give up straight away. It might be something that can be resolved with a little bit more persistence and knowledge.

Speak to a breastfeeding expert

Sometimes, mothers may give up breastfeeding because it’s simply not working. It’s a common problem and one that’s expected, especially when you’re breastfeeding for the first time. How do you know what you’re doing is correct when you’ve got nothing to compare it to?

With that being said, you might be able to get access to a breastfeeding expert or lactation specialist. It’s not worth giving up completely until you’ve exhausted all of your avenues and options available after all.

Celebrate the wins

The path you take when it comes to breastfeeding might have it’s various hurdles of different sizes. Everyone is different so what you might consider to be a fairly turbulent time, could be nothing in comparison to others.

With that being said, make sure you celebrate all the wins you make along the way. From dealing with blocked ducts to a lack of supply, overcoming these obstacles is a win that should be celebrated.

You’re not a failure if it doesn’t work for you

It’s important to remember that it doesn’t work for everyone or in fact, suits everyone. You’re not a failure for doing something like breastfeeding if it’s not working for you effectively. You wouldn’t after all, be able to tell a breastfed person from a formula-fed person.

With these tips, you’ll be able to navigate breastfeeding for the first time with more ease. 

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