How to Network when You Work from Home

Every business stresses the importance of networking. It can give your business significant advantages and open many doors, including new opportunities, potential collaborations, and even just sharing some business advice. But is this possible when you work from home?

In this post, we look at how networking can benefit your business and some of the ways you can do this when you work from home.

The Benefits of Networking

So, what can a business owner take away from networking? As well as increasing your confidence in socialising with fellow business owners and explaining what you do, it can also lead to new business opportunities, the chance to share some industry knowledge and raise the profile of your brand.

By attending local business events regularly, you’ll start to be recognised and as a result, build your reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable source. This could then lead to referrals and recommendations from connections who may refer businesses in their own social circles to you.

Helpful Tips when You Work from Home

If you do all your business from a home office, you may be wondering how to find ways to network, either remotely or in person. Well, here are a few tips for you:

  • Consider Co-Working Spaces

If you fancy working outside of the home office, even if it’s just for a couple of days a week, you could considering hiring a co-working space. These shared offices have hot desks and up-to-date facilities for you to use, plus they provide the perfect opportunity for you to network with fellow professionals in the same situation as you.

Working in the same place can also mean the chance to collaborate, so you can meet and gain insights from those working in related fields, which could help shape new perspectives for your own business.

  • Utilise Social Networking

The beauty of social networking is that you have access to a wide circle of people around the world, all from the comfort of your home. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are hugely popular social media platforms as they reach hundreds of millions of people. They’re great for getting the word out about your business and connect you with existing and potential customers, whilst also a great way for you to link with local businesses and keep up to date with what they’re up to.

Another great platform is LinkedIn, which is specifically designed for professionals. It’s perfect for finding business connections in your area and you can utilise it to share tips and knowledge with other small business owners.

Working from home doesn’t have to mean you’re cut off from other local businesses. Once you’ve found the perfect networking techniques to build a professional circle, you could expand on this and hire a space to hold your very own networking event. Then, you’ll have a strong professional circle you can rely on for referrals, advice and support.

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