How to survive Christmas & its cost!

Ok you’ve probably read that title and though “you said the “C” word and its only August”

Which in a way I’m afraid to say I have! However with good reason 🙂

I would say the big majority of parents face Christmas with that mix of excitement but dread. Never fear though as I have some simply tips to help you in the build up to the festive season, to make sure it is as stress free as it can be.


  • Planning – Ok it seems really obvious but how many times have you gone out to start Christmas shopping and forgotten to buy for someone or blown the budget on something for someone! I plan everything down to who’s having what, where from and how much! Maybe that is a bit OCD however a little bit of planning saves on the pennies!
  • Sale shopping/Offers – If you can afford to pick up some bargains in the new years sale/summer sale then do! It’s worth saving a few pennies where you can. Lolyalty vouchers are ideal at this time of the year.
  • Pick up bits every month – If you shop like I do in a well-known supermarket that stocks everything, try to pick a little something up once a month or fortnight if you can. It doesn’t have to be much but everything you pick up monthly is one less thing to get at the end!
  • If you’re looking for that little something a bit more personal, why not shop online. You can find pretty much everything online these days and you can even get perfect personalised gifts like money boxes and mirrors from Getting Personal .



  • Preparation – I have an operation preparation once the kids are in bed! It involves getting the presents ready and preparing all the vegetables for the next day. On Christmas eve it is like our little family tradition. I prepare everything into its pots, peeled and chopped ready for the next day. Just so I can relax on Christmas morning with the family 🙂
  • Share the load – Do you have family and friends over for dinner Christmas/boxing day? Why not look at sharing the cooking? Maybe each guest/family brings a different part of the dinner over? No stress for you & yummy food for everyone.

My last tip (for now!) is relax! It’s only 1 day of the year. Who care’s if there is wrapping paper all over the floor? Who care’s if you eat chocolate for lunch? Breaking your rules of the house for one day, won’t hurt!

Watch this space over the next few months as I’ll be bringing you the latest in the up to date must have’s this Christmas, yummy recipes and much more!

I received a beautiful saving box and voucher for this post, however all the content, tips and advice are my own thoughts and opinions as will be the whole of our Christmas guide.


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