How to transform old garden furniture and make it look new

How to transform old garden furniture and make it look new

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How to transform old garden furniture and make it look new

With spring almost here and summer not too far down the line now is a great time to start thinking about getting your garden looking its best. This could be even more important this year with the Coronavirus impacting travel for people across Europe and the world, staying at home might be the only option. Your garden will then be the best place for you to enjoy, hopefully, some nice summer weather.

There are lots of ways you can improve your garden, with small changes like planting new flowers to bigger changes such as installing artificial grass or getting a new decking area installed. However, with this post, we’re going to look at ways you can transform your old, and maybe a bit tired looking, garden furniture and give it a new lease of life. Considering there are so many tips and tricks to do this we could only choose a few so if you feel there are any we really should have featured, feel free to share them in the comments section at the bottom.

Wood furniture

Lots of us will have some wooden furniture in our gardens, with tables and chairs being some of the most popular. There are many benefits to wooden furniture, but it can suffer over the winter months and look in need of some TLC come springtime. Even if you cover your wooden furniture when it’s left outside, it’s not possible to keep everything off it. Thankfully, a stiff bristle brush will do a great job of taking any surface dirt, cobwebs and dust off to start with.

To get your wooden furniture looking back to its best, there are lots of products you can use. A wood restorer can be easily painted on and then worked into the wood to help return it to its former colour. This is important for wooden furniture outside, as over time the natural elements will impact the colour of the wood, and it can tend to fade and become a very light washed out grey colour. Once you’ve used the wood restorer, you can finish your table or chairs with some oil to help protect the wood in the future. If your furniture is looking particularly weather damaged it might be worth looking into sanding the wood down to help clean it up before adding any restorer or oil.

Chipped paint

While wood is popular for garden furniture there are other options and metal is also popular. With metal furniture, it’s not uncommon for the paint to become chipped and start peeling off. There are lots of quick and easy ways you can repaint your metal garden furniture. You can go to your nearest DIY shop and pick up a tin in any colour you like. From this point on, however, it can get a little more time consuming and tricky. You’ll need to strip all the old paint off and apply the new paint layer by layer.

One alternative to this is to use specialist powder coating services. By taking your metal furniture to a powder coating company, they will be able to strip the old paint off, pre-treat the metal and then apply a new coat of paint. This paint is applied using an electrostatic paint gun which gives the paint powder a positive change. When combined with the negative charge running through the target object, this allows the paint to attach better. Once covered, the whole item is baked in an oven. This produces a paint finish that is not only very smooth and even but highly durable. Having a more durable paint finish to your metal garden furniture can help them stay looking their best for longer.

Outdoor cushions

To make garden furniture more comfortable it often comes with fitted or detachable cushions. Regardless of whether or not you take these cushions inside during bad weather, they can still become faded after being exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. It might be hard to believe, but this is possible even during the UK’s summers! Getting your outdoor cushions reupholstered is a straightforward way of making them look new again. The other nice thing you can do is, if your cushions are detachable, have a few different cushion covers made so you can change up the design and look of our outdoor furniture quickly and easily.

As mentioned at the beginning, there are so many tips and tricks to help transform you garden furniture so do share yours! Hopefully, the tips in this article help give you some ideas to help spruce up your garden furniture this year.

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