How to uplift your garden

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You might be looking outside at your garden wondering when the weather will be nice again so you can spend some much needed time outdoors. I know I am. I love being outside (at least when the sun is out!) and so do my kids. They love running around the garden, searching for new bugs to add to their scavenger hunt booklet. Yes, that is something that we do – I like for them to learn about all the different types of insects and bugs but it’s always best when the weather is warm and sunny.

Anyway, as I’m looking at my garden, I can’t stop but feel like it needs some attention. It’s been months since the weather has been nice enough to spend a whole afternoon enjoying some lovely rays of sunshine and you can definitely tell that by looking at my garden. The weeds are long and growing in between the pavement, there are leaves all around the garden, the garden shed looks old and rundown and the fence could use a new lick of paint.

How to uplift your garden

So, I’ve decided to roll my sleeves up and get to work. I thought that others might be in a similar situation with their gardens (someone out there will be, right?), so I’ve put together some ways that you can uplift your outdoor space and make it look as beautiful as it has ever been! For some extra advice and ideas, I’ve partnered up Handy Squad, handyman London who have been uplifting homes and gardens around London for years, so they know a thing or two about improving spaces.

Start by cleaning and decluttering.

Time to tackle the days, weeks or months of garden clutter and grime. We’ve been neglecting our outdoor spaces for some time, so there is always grime and dirt that builds up which needs to be dealt with. The team at the Handy Squad recommend pressure washing patios to remove built-up grime, slime and debris, and I stand by them! Pressure washing will give any patio a fresh new look plus, I find it very satisfying – am I the only one? 

How to uplift your garden

Once the patio is clean and the garden weeds have been plucked, have a look at your garden fence and shed. Do these need a change? Maybe your garden fence is damaged and your garden shed is dull, time for an update. Replace the damaged areas of your garden fence and give your shed a spruce up by painting it in beautiful colour! Whilst you are at it, why not go through what you have inside your shed and see if you can declutter a bit too? 

Update outdoor furniture. 

This article on Stylish London Living mentions that updating outdoor furniture is an easy way to uplift any outdoor space. I’ve had the same outdoor furniture for a while, so maybe I could update them to make my garden feel more modern and inviting. Stylish London Living recommends upcycling the furniture you have or completely replace your old furniture with brand-new furniture. Go for good quality furniture and make sure to take good care of it – outdoor furniture is supposed to adorn your garden space for many years to come! Ideal Homes loves the idea of upcycling furniture, commenting “If you are looking for a savvy solution while you save for the dream furniture set try upcycling old wooden pallets.”

How to uplift your garden

Add some light.

You might want to invite your friends and family over for an evening get together in the garden, (maybe for an outdoor movie or late dinner?) but without proper lighting, your garden space isn’t looking its best and it makes it difficult for people to see where they are stepping. As this blog post on The Incidental Parent says, “The fact that the sun is setting doesn’t mean the day is over. Add some decorative lights to set the mood and continue your party.”

How to uplift your garden

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