I don’t like that!

Anyone that knows Kayleigh will know that she is possibly a human dustbin, she would easily dispose of any food you put in front of her, fish, meat, rice, pasta, curries and anything else you could think of.

That was until a few weeks ago, now every dinner time we hear, i don’t like that! So much so i know hear myself saying you don’t know as you haven’t tried it yet, before i even say it!

I suppose to begin with i thought maybe she doesn’t really like that but i think now she’s just going through that “fussy” stage. She would quiet happily eat cheese spread sandwiches all the time if they were on offer 🙂

But its not dinner and as a family we sit down at the table and eat dinner together.

So if she “doesn’t like that” then she sits with us at the table till we’ve all finished then she can go play, we’ve had tears & tantrums and bedtimes with no dinner but its improving, at least now she’ll try something and last night she cleared the plate of spaghetti bolognaise & garlic bread!

I know all of the things on offer are things she likes and has eaten before so she will eat them again, just a matter of patience till we come out the other side of this… lets hope i have a bit of sanity left at the end of it.

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