Ideas To Keep Your Kids Entertained In The Car

Ideas To Keep Your Kids Entertained In The Car

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Driving is a huge part of most people’s lives, and that doesn’t change when you have kids! Whether it’s the school run, visiting friends or road trips; you’ll likely be driving your kids to and fro daily. Driving and children aren’t always such a great combination, and this is mostly because kids can get restless in the car. If your kids are distracting you, this can be dangerous so it’s a great idea to think about how you can keep them good and entertained!


Kids audiobooks are a fantastic way to keep your children entertained in the car! They are both fun and educational and come in a huge range of stories to suit all age groups. You can find your kid’s favorite stories in audiobook form or introduce them to some new tales! If your kids are old enough, why not have them help you to choose the story? You can explain to them that they will listen to it to have fun in the car and get them all excited about it! From Harry Potter to Roald Dahl; all the favourites can now be purchased in audiobook form!

Simple Soft Toys 

You can keep your kids entertained so easily in the car by simply giving them some soft toys to play with. As a parent, you’ll know that kids can really use their imagination when they play with stuffed animals and entertain themselves for hours! It’s important that the toys are soft as opposed to harder toys with lots of different parts; this is because you won’t want anything that could hurt your kids in the event of a hard break or a crash. In addition to this, ensure that your kids don’t have any toys that are a choking hazard.

Kids music 

It might drive you crazy, but kids music is an excellent way to keep your little ones distracted in the car! Download your child’s favorite songs and let them sing and dance away so that you can get on with your driving (unless you want to have a sing-along too)! Again you can ask your kids to help you pick the music so that they get more excited about it! They probably have lots of favourite songs that they’ve heard at school and will enjoy showing you what they like!

Generally speaking, it’s essential to get your car served often enough if you wish to keep your kids safe. It doesn’t matter what type of car you have, from a new tesla to a used range rover sport; the fact is that you need to get it checked enough to ensure that there are no problems.

Some kids will enjoy drawing or colouring in the car, though others won’t (as sometimes doing such activities while driving can make kids feel a little bit sick). Find out if your kids are okay with drawing in the car (and make sure that they don’t draw on your lovely car seats)!

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