I’m going to be an Aunty (twice!)

The start of 2013 is going to be a very expensive time!

I’m going to be an aunty again, not once but twice 🙂

Both my brothers fiancée and my sister are pregnant. I already have 3 nephews but the youngest of those is 8 so it will be nice for Kayleigh and Ethan to have some cousins to play with that are a little closer in age.

I loved being pregnant! Once you got over the initial shock and worries it is one of the most magical thing in the world.

I remember most of the pregnancy with both Kayleigh and Ethan. It’s funny as once you find out your pregnant one of the first things you do is use a due date calculator to work out your dates and then the countdown begins.

It goes so fast though! With Kayleigh I would be saying at the beginning of the pregnancy that I couldn’t wait till she was here and then before I knew it I was being told to arrange a birth plan and then I was in labour and she was here. I think that’s what made me enjoy Ethan’s pregnancy a lot more. As I knew it would go so fast and it would be my last pregnancy I tried to savour every moment.

The only thing I really regret, well not regret but feel like I missed out on was not really having a birth plan or labour with Ethan due to him being breech!.

So my words of wisdom to my sister & sister in law are:

  • Enjoy it! It goes far to fast and you can’t take the time back.
  • Get plenty of rest. Sleep is the one thing you will soon be missing so make sure you take it whilst you can.
  • Look after yourselves – Make sure you eat regularly good food so you keep your energy up.
  • Keep me up to date! I love a good pregnancy story so don’t forget to keep me in the loop 😀
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