The Importance of Staying Fit and Healthy on Holiday

The thought of a tropical holiday can often get many people through the working day, as it gives them something to work towards. As a result, a health and fitness routine can often fall by the wayside once we arrive at a destination. To help you stay on the right track, we recommend reading our advice on the importance of staying fit and healthy on holiday.

Pick the Right Hotel

Holidaymakers spend many an hour carefully finding the most luxurious hotel rooms, biggest pools and best on-site bars when picking a hotel. Unfortunately, many people fail to take health and safety into account when making a booking. While it might sound like a boring thing to consider, it’s essential when booking a hotel, especially if you’re travelling with children. For example, a hotel balcony could pose a serious risk to your safety without the right balustrades.

High-Quality Food

Review websites make it easier than ever to find out more about the quality of a hotel, bar or restaurant’s food. So, before you dine anywhere, it’s worth making an informed decision to ensure no-one has ever experienced food poisoning. Otherwise, you could be making holiday sickness claims for all the family once you arrive home after a disastrous trip. Find out more, just in case the worst occurs.

Watch Your Waistline

Do you want to avoid piling on the pounds during your trip abroad? A few little tweaks to your dishes will allow you to enjoy a delicious meal with fewer calories. For example, you could ask the waiter for the fish to be grilled and not fried, or you could choose boiled potatoes over sautéed. Also, try to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the day, even if you plan to indulge a little, so your body will continue to absorb essential nutrients.

Make Healthier Alcohol Choices

Not only can alcohol result in a nasty hangover that can ruin your holiday, but it can also impact your general health and weight. If you want to enjoy a tipple without adding much weight onto the scales, we recommend making smart alcohol choices. For example, instead of drinking a glass of wine that has 160 calories, choose a single vodka for 55 calories. Also, try to avoid calorie-laden mixers and enjoy fresh lime or tonic water instead.

Be Active

Many people often head straight for the pool or beach once they arrive at their holiday destination. As a result, the constant relaxing will make you feel lethargic and could pile on excess weight. While you don’t need to go the gym seven days a week, you should aim to be a little more active. For example, you could explore the destination by enjoying a long walk, or you can go for a refreshing swim in the sea. The little bit of exercise will boost your mood and kickstart your metabolism.

Stay Hydrated

It’s advisable to carry a two-litre bottle of water to sip throughout the day to remain hydrated, even if you are not thirsty. Regardless of whether you’re a sun-worshipper or like to remain in the shade, you must ensure you drink plenty of water on a tropical holiday. Dehydration can quickly creep up on a person when enjoying the sun, which can result in fatigue and nausea.

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