How important is it to have matching nursery furniture?

I know when baby is on its way that making sure everything is perfect and making everything matchy matchy seems like the most important thing in the world.

But my question is, how much do we actually take notice of it once baby ishere and how much of a difference does it make? Now of course our gorgeous little bundles of joy don’t know any better but is having nursery furniture that matches such a big deal?

Does it matter that your wardrobes and your cot are from the same brand or range? Granted, there are some beautiful ranges out there such as the Tutti Bambini room sets and they really do look adorable when they’re all set up.Are we just too worried about creating this perfect space readyfor our babies when really, by the time they’re old enough to truly appreciate it, it could all end up being a giant mess?!

For the first few months of our baby’s lives, the nursery can act as a sanctuary. Somewhere for us to relax and bond with our little ones, when it’s time to nurse or maybe just for a little cuddle during the night. So this space is just as important for us as it is to our baby and their needs.

Based on this, I feel as though it is pretty important for the nursery and the furniture to be just how we like it as us mummies have to benefit from it too! Having a baby turns your whole life upside down so having a space that is organised and peaceful at a time when you really need it, certainly isn’t a crime. Many of us will look back and think “wow I spent a lot of money on that and didn’t even end up using it!” which is totally fine too. For those of us who go on to have more children, it’s much easier second time round as we kind of know what to expect!

At the same time though, there are plenty of mothers who co-sleep and change their baby in their own bedroom or make use of other spaces around the house without the need for a nursery and they much prefer it! Is it just the excitement of having a baby that makes us over indulge in nursery furniture or is it simply a part of nesting? For anyone interested in looking for some affordable nursery furniture, visit .

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