Is it ever too late to change career?

I’ve been thinking more and more about this lately, especially as my exam dates loom. Do you think it’s ever too late to change your career?

When you leave school its drilled into you to get good exam results to give you the best chance at a career (which I agree with) but how do you judge what a great career is? Is it down to how much money you earn? How far up the ladder you are? Or is it simply a case of how happy you are in what you have a achieved?

I always used to think that how much money you earnt was a sign of a great career but my mind is changing. I’m starting to realise its nothing to do with how much I earn now but how much I feel like I’ve achieved in my career (at the minute not a lot) & the job satisfaction. That at the minute that is pretty low too & to be honest I’m not even entirely sure it’s just to do with my current role but actually the whole career path I’ve taken.

Since I started this blog I’ve entered into a completely different job world with writing & some small steps in the web design of the site. I love it! I could sit for the whole day writing & playing with the site, losing hours but it gives me something that my job doesn’t. It gives me that small satisfaction that I’ve completed something & actually it doesn’t look too bad. It makes it more worthwhile knowing people compliment my site & leave comments too.

There is just something I find when working on the blog that I really enjoy. I love technology anyway so the thought of building the site or making changes doesn’t scare me, nor does it put me off changing things. Also if I don’t know how to do something I’ll teach myself as I go. Without sounding too confident, I am actually becoming quiet good at the little bits I’ve learn’t so far too.

So now this has got me wondering whether it’s the right time to look into a new career all round. Is it too late to retrain though? I’m just about to sit 2 of my final 11 exams in my path to becoming a qualified accountant so if I’m going to do anything now is the time to seriously consider it.

I must be mad…

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