Is there a way of making family chores fun?

Lets face it, none of us really enjoy housework do we? I sure don’t! I wont lie either, I’m no domestic goddess.

We use every kind of gadget and gizmo in this house to make our life easier and spend less time on the chores, however we still need to do them.

This is where the children get involved. I am happy for them to be like tornado’s through the house and have all there toys out however at the end of the day when its bed time they have a tidy up time. This is when every toy has a place and it goes in it!

Kayleigh is a little older so she is much more understanding and she is always helping me load and unload the washing machine and sorting the clothes out as we do so. We play little games like matching the socks or counting how many tops we have.

I’ve found that the best way for the kids to get involved is to make it a game & give them lots of praise. Yes kids will be kids and make a mess but as long as they understand how to tidy up that’sĀ all I worry about!

Right whilst they put the washing on… where’s my cuppa?

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