Is there room in the blogosphere?

Sometimes I sit and wonder if there is room in the blogosphere for me. Lets face it there are a lot of fantastic blogs out their, my google reader is full of them, so full infact I struggle to keep up!

I always self-doubt myself, not only with my blog but with everything and anything I do, including my parenting skills. So sometimes I think, maybe blogging isn’t for me. There are so many talented bloggers out there and people who are far more confident than I am, that actually talk about interesting topics!

On the other hand though I then sit back and have to think, why am I blogging? Is it for others or is it for myself and ultimately it’s for me. Yes don’t get me wrong I love knowing that people are reading and enjoying (hopefully) and I’ve met (virtually!) some great bloggers, but deep down this is a way for me to let out a bit of my thoughts without losing the memories.

So the answer to my question is that there probably is space but even if there isn’t I’m going to squash myself in here still anyway!



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