Is your employer taking health and safety seriously?

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Have you ever wondered how safe you are at work?

While most of us go to work and expect to come home unscathed, some of us aren’t as lucky. Everyday people suffer workplace injuries and illnesses because their employer hasn’t taken the time to consider their health and safety.

Managing health and safety

Managing health and safety shouldn’t be seen as an effort or a nuisance, there are lots of simple measures employers can take to make sure you are safe at work.

If you’re wondering whether your employer is hitting the mark when it comes to looking after you at work, these points will help determine how seriously they’re taking your health and safety.

They have appointed someone to manage health and safety in the workplace

No matter what size the business is, your employer should have someone in place to manage health and safety at work. This could be a supervisor, team member or a trade union representative. Appointing someone to manage health and safety means that there is someone for employees to talk to about any concerns they have about their health and safety, and ultimately, identify potential hazards.

They control risks

One of the ways you can tell if your employer is taking your health and safety seriously is if they’ve completed a risk assessment and have a record of it. Risk assessments are intended to help employers and employees to identify risks and make sure measures are in place to reduce them to as low a level as ‘reasonably’ possible. There are plenty of tools online for businesses to use to complete risk assessments.

They have a health and safety policy

Every employer who takes health and safety seriously will have a policy in place. The policy will cover how they are committed to your health and safety, and detail what they are doing to make sure you are safe at work.

You can ask your manager or supervisor for a copy if you’re not sure if your employer has a policy in place.

They provide training

Everyone should be given the right equipment to help protect them from any ‘reasonable and foreseeable’ accidents or injuries at work. No matter what your job role is, all staff should receive some form of health and safety training so everyone is aware of any potential risks that could affect them at work. This also ensures that everyone knows exactly what to do in an emergency.

They provide the right equipment

Everyone who works in a high-risk environment should have the adequate equipment and protection to ensure they are safe from hazards while they carrying out their work. An employer who takes their workers’ health and safety seriously will make sure their employees have adequate equipment and uniform to protect them from hazards while they carry out their roles.

Hopefully, these tips will help determine how high your health and safety is on your employer’s priority list.

What measures has your employer taken to make sure your health and safety is looked after at work?

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