It Never Rains It Pours

It’s that time of the year again that I am really starting to hate!

Do you ever get the feeling that when your bills start to come in that it never rains it pours & it always seems to be the car in our house. Next month will be the time for me to start negotiation my car insurance, this always winds me up as regardless of the fact I’ve never made a claim it goes up every year! I mean how does that work?

I will tell you what reason I was given after talking to my car insurance people about this last year? I was told because the claims in my area had increased then so did my premium, Now surely then no claims are irrelevant if that the case. Yet they still base you insurance on how many years no claims you’ve had.

Then to top this off, I have my MOT & Road tax in the same month. I get that sickly feeling when the car goes in for the MOT as they always find something which costs a fortune. I always drop it off whilst I’m at work then pick it up after, after taking the kids to wait with me the once I decided to never do it again.

But personally we would be lost without our car as we would not be able to get the kids to nannies house during the week whilst we’re at work nor get Kayleigh to pre-school.

Gosh I’m starting to sound such a grumpy mum, I’m not always this negative though, I will make sure I use a cash back site to claim a little of the money back for starters 🙂

Lets face it, we always are paying out so much money on insurances etc anyway so any way to claw back some cash is a bonus is my eyes. I have regularly claimed cashback once taking out insurances, one thing I would always recommend!

So now I’ve ranted I’m hoping for a lottery win tonight!


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