The joy of babies – perfect gifts for beautiful newborns

So what do you buy a newborn baby? You might think that they can’t do much but eat and sleep – and cry of course – so it could be a little while before they can use or enjoy the gift you buy them…

There are plenty of adorable gifts out there that a newborn might not be able to thank you for but will benefit from and that the new Mom and Dad will cherish forever.

A new baby gift basket is a popular idea, you can offer up a selection of small gifts including a soft toy, a blanket and some sweet little socks – all wrapped up in one neat bundle. Companies such as Glitter Gift Baskets offer a great selection including boy or girl orientated styles and even personalized baskets.

Personalized gifts are something that can be cherished by parents and the baby, as they get older. Sites such as Not On the High feature lots of sellers that can create personalized gifts, everything from blankets to cushions to wall decals for the nursery. A gift featuring their name, birth date and weight at birth is something that will come to be treasured forever.

Another idea is a small, adjustable silver bangle featuring their name and date of birth. They might not be able to wear it forever but it will look gorgeous on their tiny wrist and once it gets too small it can then be tucked away in a special place in their jewellery box, to take out at a later date. Babies grow incredibly fast so a bracelet is the perfect way to beautifully preserve the memory of just how much they have grown.

Diaper cakes are a gift idea that is growing in popularity, as they are humorous and beneficial for both baby and new parents. Usually reserved for baby showers, they are just as great to take round when you go to meet the newborn baby. It’s very easy to create a diaper cake yourself at home, simply using rolled up diapers and placing them in tiers, to create the effect of a cake, or you can buy one online.

A unique gift to give is seeds, which can then be planted so the plant grows alongside the baby. A popular choice is a gooseberry bush, as they are relatively low maintenance and can grow in a pot in the baby’s nursery before being moved outside.

Alternatively you could opt for a rose plant, which when put outside will grow into a beautiful rose bush or even something like a succulent, which you can propagate from the leaf cuttings to grow more plants each year. Take a look at this great tutorial that you can share with the new parents.

There are so many gift options for new babies, you don’t have to opt for the basic romper suit and booties or a small soft toy, get creative and sentimental with your gift!

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