Just 2 months till our wedding day!

Today marks the day that is just 2 months till our wedding day.

It is ironic then as our lives have been engulfed in wedding planning that my blogs 1500 post is about weddings!

The big day itself is fast approaching and it feels strange knowing after counting down for so long that it is now just around the corner.

We’ve managed to tick lots of the list over the last couple of weeks. This has included:

  1. Suit sizes being given
  2. Thank you gifts being purchased.
  3. Make up trial being done
  4. Meetings for final bits all arranged and ready for  March.

Wedding planning has been fun at times but so stressful at others, trying to find things like a hairdresser that doesn’t break the bank or those dreaded RSVP’s (which the deadline is today and we still are waiting some….). However it has been amazing.

The only real concern I have on the day is seeing everything being brought together. Yes I know the decorations, favours etc but we’ve never seen it all together so I’m excited but nervous at the same time that it will come together as I see it in my head.

This month ahead holds lots of fun bits though. We still have :

  1. Sweets for sweet buffet to buy
  2. Meeting with venue and registrar
  3. Make up consultation

Busy times ahead but it is worth all the stress!

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