Just launched my own shop!

I can’t believe I just wrote that!

I’ve launched my own shop…. eek!

Ok lets rewind a bit to the beginning on how this all started so you understand where I got to and what I hope to achieve.

You may remember a few weeks ago I was really angry at losing our tax credits, it seemed a lot of people were in a similar boat. The lovely Romaine at Junior Style Sale got in touch and we had a great talk on the phone, basically she gave me a boot up the backside telling me that this was my chance to change it for the better, if anything this was a positive situation to get myself going on something I really wanted to do. She also mentioned she had a possible opportunity that I might be interested in.

I’ve always been interested in kids clothing/shoes/toys and unique gifts since having my two, the market for baby and children’s items is huge. I’ve just never known where to start. Plus lets face it, in todays current climate we have to save money where we can, that’s why I love shops that offer great brands at discounted prices.

This is where Romaine came in & got me on the right path. As you know she stocks amazing brands of children’s clothing at huge discounted prices through flash sales and events and recently she was approached with regards to selling shoes. The same idea great brands of shoes but at great prices however she decided this wasn’t the way she wanted Junior Style to go, which is where I came in. She put me in touch with the brand and now I’ve started up Little Fancy Feet, a little shoe shop for baby and children’s shoes, great quality brands at prices that appeal to everyone.

I feel incredibly lucky to have this chance to start something like this, I know its going to be hard work but I am determined to get this off the ground and start a business out of this. I am also very fortunate to have Romaine at the end of the phone helping me out in any way she can, Thank you!

So where do I go from here?

Firstly I need to sell some shoes, for the time being you can find all our stock and details here on our Facebook page, please pop along and have a look, even if it’s just to say hi and show some support, I could do with it right now!

Then I need to set up a proper website for it, I can play around with sites but if someone reading this can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. I need something that looks great, has the ability to be a shop but costs nothing!

Finally I would love to stock more brands, I love promoting those great brands that maybe need a bit more of a market but offer great quality shoes (obviously at a discounted price!) so if that’s you, get in touch!

Wish me luck!

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