Keeping your allergies under control


Allergies can cause so many issues for many of us. Though many of us associate allergies with just the summer months, the most common being hay fever. This allergy is extremely common in the UK affecting over 13 million people every year.

Did you know though there are many other things that can cause symptoms to hayfever, especially in the winter months. These can include allergies to dust mites, pet allergens and mold.

If you are suffering from these symptoms, it may be easy to narrow down the cause if for example, it has started since you got a new family pet, for many though, it may not be that easy. If you are suffering and would like to get to the bottom of the causes, it is worth looking at the options of having an allergy test. This test is pretty simple, you can even do this at home when it is suitable for you, which is great in the current climate as you don’t need to head out for it.

Keeping your allergies under control

The test itself is really easy to do, a simple blood test at home which you then send over to the lab for testing and you await your results. The blood test needs just a little sample of blood, similar to that taken in a diabeties test. It is simple to do and does not hurt, it can be done in minutes too. Once you have sent your sample off, your blood will be tested for 294 different allergens. The results will then be sent back to you within 2 weeks. This is then used to advise if your symptoms are caused by an allergy, allowing you to then talk to your doctor with this advise alongside your medical history to advise the next steps.

Once you have this, you can then take the approrpiate action to deal with the irritants, hopefully then making your life a little more comfortable! Don’t let allergies rule your life, get a headstart on how to tackle them.

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