Keeping yourself safe in the office

I’ve worked in an office since I left school, it was just a career that I fell into and have only just managed to step away from 16 years later.

I don’t think I will ever get away from the office though and even now I am still working from a computer, the only difference is the fact it can be done from home.

Working in an office can bring some great friendships, drama at times and you may not realise it but some hidden dangers.

Accident Advice Helpline have created this interactive graphic which shows you some of the dangers that you might not even consider.

Office dangers

Have you ever been at work and realised that your eyes are either itchy or watery and you just can’t work out why? You are not alone. 62% of workers surveyed also have experienced the same thing. Lots of this issue is caused by poor ventilation in the work place.

There are also lots of other hazards to consider such as the usual’s spilt liquids, heavy lifting and broken equipment.

I suffer with OCD so one of my pet hates is a messy desk. I live by the clear desk clear mind attitude. I can’t see how anyone can work in any organised manner when their desk is piled high with paperwork.

This however leads to more dangers with people just shoving their paperwork on high shelves etc, leading to the possibility of things toppling over.

I know it can sound a bit extreme however if you just spend 30 minutes clearing up your working space in a bit more of care can cut out some of the possible hazards.

There is lots more that employers can do to help with the hazards around the work place though. Not all employers are bad but how many times have you worked in an office and there is a potential hazard that you have come across and have mentioned it, but it’s taken a few weeks for it to be resolved.

If you work in an office I would love to hear what your experiences have been in and around the work place. How supportive have your employers been at ensuring the environment is safe for you all?

Now I have my own office space, this responsibility is my own, however being self-employed my health is even more important and I will be making sure the work area is as safe as possible!

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