Last 7 days of the wedding countdown

Wow the last few months have flown by and no longer are we looking at how many weeks we have until the wedding but we are actually looking at how many days we have left till the big day!

Writing this though I can finally say we are done with the preparation, well mostly! We still have haircuts, nails and other beauty bits left and a meeting with our awesome photographer but other than that we are ready to go.

I would love to say the last few weeks have been fun but they have been blooming stressful at times! Just trying to tie the final details down and getting everything in place has made me realise I don’t want to work in the wedding industry.

At this stage there is a combination of nerves and excitement creeping in, we’ve spent so long planning things and getting little bits and pieces in place for the big day, I just want to see it all come together in one place rather than boxed up and stacked high in our living room.

I’ve been spoilt lately in the build up to the big day with my first ever facial which was so relaxing followed by my hair being cared for at my hairdressers where I have been for the last few years and as always they have done a great job.


We spent our good Friday literally working through our to do list, which meant once that was done we could relax. It was a great plan as everything was done and we were able to spend our weekend relaxing as a family after.

So this is our last instalment of the wedding countdown! The dress is ready, our bits are packed and we are all looking forward to our big day in less than a weeks time!







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