Last Call….

In a little over a month, our Charity of the Year auction for Fundraising for Findlay takes place.

I’ll admit it, at the moment I’m feeling a little deflated. Although as it stands we have a bundle of amazing lots to auction off, it’s not quite the amount I was hoping to achieve. I know in the current economic climate that we would never be overflowing with offers but I was hoping that all the effort from contacting over 100 brands we’ve worked with it may be a little bit more fruitful.

But more than that, I feel like I’m letting Fundraising For Findlay down. I’m trying so hard to raise awareness of the auction via the social media and emailing lots of companies/brands but I’m kind of hitting a wall. The lack of responses has been a little disheartening, even a no I’m sorry we can’t help out this year would at least give me the little boost to keep going.

However, I’m not going to give up instead I’m going to shout louder.

Yes I may be doing this all on my own but I’m used to hard work and multi-tasking and one thing for certain, I won’t quit! One thing keeping me going is my work support employees in their fundraising efforts up to £1000 but first, you must raise £1000, so that’s the target and I will reach it.

So this is your last call! If you help in any way with a donation please please please get in touch. We would be very grateful and your company logo will take pride of place in our supporters page for the whole of 2013.

Thank you,

From a stubborn, determined Mummy Vs Work

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