Looking after your health in the middle of a pandemic

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2021 has pretty much started how 2020 finished, the pandemic, unfortunately, didn’t disappear as the clock stuck midnight, unfortunately. This combined with the winter germs doing to round now means your body is up against the battle of many bugs in the coming weeks and months.

Although without the vaccine’s you can not be completely safe from everything that is doing the rounds, there are ways to help look after yourself and boost your immune system over the coming weeks and months.

Here are some top tips for helping keep your health the best it can be:

  • Balanced diet – This is super important for everyone, ensuring you have a healthy balanced diet will help to make sure you have the right levels of vitamins and minerals for your body to work the best it can.
  • Supplements – Sometimes it is not always possible to eat a balanced diet for many reasons if this is the case with you there are now many supplements on the market. Simple multivitamins and vitamin D will help you along. We take multivitamins daily, even though we have a good diet. It is just something I have done since the kids have been little and will continue to do.
  • Fitness – I am not suggesting you get super fit and hit the gym every day of the week, just a good level of fitness is shown to improve your overall health. This is not just physical health though, regular exercise is good for your mental wellbeing also. If your mental health is struggling lately, I wrote a post on how I deal with anxiety here.

If you are doing the above buy maybe just want something to help improve your wellbeing a little more and improve your energy levels, pure oxygen is becoming more popular, especially with athletes to aid their recovery. You are now able to get canned oxygen delivered to your home to have the benefits even during a lockdown.

One thing that is certain from the last 12 months, life is changing as we know it and this current pandemic has proved more than ever that we are not immune to everything that goes on around us. The more that we can do to boost our own health and immune system, the better we will hopefully be for 2021.

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