Looking after yourself a little better

#AD – This is a collaborative feature

I am guilty of not looking after myself, even now I don’t.

It is ridiculous too as I know I don’t do it yet I still struggle to find myself time to do the basic things such as drinking enough water or just getting enough sleep! I make sure that Kayleigh and Ethan do all the things I should do as I don’t want them to fall into the same routine that I have.

If I could go back in time, what would I tell myself now though, all these years on?

  1. Look after your skin – I have never drunk anywhere near enough water, I should be drinking more than I do now too. If I could rewind time a little I would be drinking more water to make sure my skin stayed hydrated and so many more reasons as you can see here. There is still time for me to improve this and I am trying to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. I don’t always reach it but I am at least trying to improve this one!
  2. Take care of your teeth and eyes – Over time I have not helped my eyes with lots of screen time, late nights and bad lighting. I wish I had taken the time to just think of the long term effects on my eyes a little more. Another thing I should have done was look after my teeth. This is the one thing I am super strict with the kids on as I just don’t want them to have my teeth. I have fillings from not looking after my teeth and a crown where I managed to smash my front tooth in half as a kid. I have considered having my teeth whitened and all my fillings replaced with white ones to improve the look of my teeth and I know London Cosmetic Dentistry are a popular destination to have this done. I am very conscious of my smile, especially when streaming so I am trying to make sure the kids grow up with a gorgeous smile by looking after their teeth!
  3.  Learn to relax – I am terrible at taking time out and relaxing. In fact, I feel guilty for it when I know there is so much still to be done! I wish I had taught myself to take more time out and learn to relax a lot more than I currently do!
  4. Get a good nights sleep – On average I think I may get about 6 hours sleep a night. Again this links into number 3, I just find myself with so much to do that I struggle to switch off at night knowing I have so much to do. Good sleep habits would have probably made me feel much better than I currently do!

I can’t go back and change a lot of the past bad habits, I can, however, start to look to improve my habits now. Just little changes will make such a difference to the way I feel. It is all about taking those baby steps to make the changes.

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