Making Christmas that little extra special

I was very fortunate before Christmas to receive a voucher for Amazon from Halifax to make Christmas that little bit more special in our household.

By this point I had just about finished getting the bits for Kayleigh and Ethan all that was missing was the very much requested Cinderella dress for Kayleigh. She had asked Santa so many times that I could not get it!


Then there was Daddy Vs Work. Now he had already given me his wish list for Warhammer 40k models which had been purchased however I thought I’d get him a few extra presents that would be a little surprise for Christmas morning.

First on my list was aftershave as he had just finished his last bottle. Having a look around on Amazon I decided to settle on David Beckham Signature as he had not long before finished a bottle and that must have been a good sign!

Up next was not only something he wanted but something he also needed. He has for far too long gone without clothes or updates to his wardrobe and with the colder weather coming in it was a must for him to get a decent sweatshirt to wear around the house and at football.


I went with a simple Mens Dissident hoodie sweater in grey for him to open on Christmas morning.

I am pleased to say that all gifts went down a storm on Christmas morning and it was lovely to see everyone’s faces when they found out what Santa had brought!

Christmas 2013 Christmas 2013 Christmas 2013

We hope you all had an amazing Christmas this year and are looking forward to 2014.

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