Making goals for 2017

Making goals for 2017

2017 is here and I am glad to see the back of 2016 and get my goals set for 2017!

I have given up setting resolutions as I’ll be honest, I never stick to them! I last about a week then I end up giving up, so this year I am setting goals. Targets for me to be able to smash this year and hopefully exceed.

These are in 2 parts, blog & personal. Both areas where I want to reach different goals and targets.

Blog goals –

  1. Plan and schedule – I am always playing catch up on the blog but this year I am trying to be more organised. I won’t be a blogger to schedule a month in advance (I never have time to catch up!) but I would like to at least schedule for the week in advance.
  2. Blog consistently – For some reason I never seem to stick to any sort of consistency when it comes to blogging but this year I would like to stick to regular posts such as meal planning etc.
  3. Reach 20,000 monthly page views – Since I’ve been blogging I have never really been one for stats and figures but by the end of 2017 I would like to have a regular 20,000 page views monthly.
  4. Finish the blogging courses I purchased – At the end of 2016 I brought two courses, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and The Ultimate Bloggers Bundle. Both are packed full of useful information (if you actually sit down and follow the course!) so I would like to get through them all and ready for this year.

Personal goals –

  1. Earn £2000 a month from side jobs – Ok this one may seem a bit ambitious but I want to earn £2000 a month in total from side jobs, be it blogging, matched betting or affiliate marketing. I need to make this work. I want to have the independence that I can go to the kids Christmas plays without trying to get time off work or if its the school holidays I want to be able to take a weeks break without worrying about what is going to be waiting for me when I get back. I want that freedom and the only way to get it is to become self employed and working hard for it.
  2. Increase my matched betting income – This follows on from above really, now I know without too much effort I can make between £300-£500 a month using Profit Accumulator reload offers however I want to make that a consistent amount and if I can earn £1000 a month from matched betting then I am half way there to my target of £2000 a month without much effort! If you are in two minds about matched betting why not give my previous posts a quick read and make a decision for yourself. As I have said before though I would always a site such as Profit Accumulator simply as they guide you through it step by step and help you find the offers which saves so much time!
  3. Learn to cook more – I can cook and bake ok, nothing special but I can get by with the basics however this year I want to learn to cook more variety. I want to do our meal planning and thing, that sounds delicious, rather than how many times can I cook a particular dish! Kayleigh and Ethan are picky eaters so the aim is to get them involved so we can open up the choices we make but they learn to try and enjoy new flavours. I will be posting more on meal planning later in the week.
  4. Take time out – Taking time out isn’t something that comes easily to me. I need to learn to take time out, time to just relax and appreciate everything around me. I am always on the go so I need to learn to take a break and set myself times to work and times to relax.
  5. Tone up and get healthy – This year I need to tone up and get healthy. I have been far too relaxed about my diet over the last few months and haven’t done any exercise since my operation in August so I need to get back on this before my next operation!

So that is my goals for this year, I need to focus on making it all work. I will probably blog about my progress every 3 months to make sure I am accountable for what is happening, no excuses!

What is your 2017 goals/targets/resolutions?

Here’s to a happier & healthier 2017.



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