Making the most of the sunshine

Making the most of the sunshine

Lots of people in the UK have been enjoying some sunshine over recent weeks and many of us are planning our escape of the summer holidays soon. For me, it would be a long time dream to be able to buy our own piece of paradise somewhere like these villas for sale in Moraira.

For now, though, that is just a long-term dream however and we will have to stick to going on holidays whilst staying in a hotel or in a villa. As regular readers will know we love going to Lanzarote and it is the one place that I find I completely relax.

We have stayed on a complex on the 3 visits we have made there however with the kids now getting bigger it is starting to come to the point where we will be possibly looking to stay in a villa to give the kids a bit more space.

Staying in a hotel or on a complex is great for convenience as many of them have restaurants, shops, bars and entertainment all in one place however it lacks the space to take a break away from everyone.

Making the most of the sunshine

When you are staying in a villa you can come and go as you need to, enjoying the peace and seclusion of your own space. Many villas these days also come with their own sunbeds and pools meaning no more sunbed hoggers! I don’t know about anyone else but it gets on my wick when people put their towels on the sun lounger then go out for the morning, if you don’t want to lie on it at the time then you’ll have to take whatever is available when you get back!

The other benefit to a villa is your ability to cook for yourself and keep costs down where you can. There is no need to feel like you have to eat at a set time or even in a set location, you can take a break and go at your own pace and budget.

If you are still planning a last minute trip away or planning ahead for 2019, make sure you check out this great post from Savvy in Somerset on how to get the best deals for your trips.

When you head away do you prefer the comfort of a hotel/complex or do you prefer the space that you get when you hire a villa?

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