Making the perfect family hub in your home

Creating the perfect family hub in our new home is top of the list for me when we move, I want to create a space where we can all enjoy and chill out together as a family. Now I know that traditionally the living room has been a place for this to be, however, with the new home we are hoping to get a little more space that will allow us to create that fun place for the family to hang out with some of our favourite things to do together.

When I think of a family hub, I suppose it could be called a games room/cinema room? It is a place where we can have things such as our games consoles, maybe be able to chill out on some comfortable recliners and watch movies and if it had enough space I know Daddy Vs Work would love to have a pool table!

Here are the key things at the top of my family hub wish list:

Big screen TV –

Let’s face it, whether you are watching a film or playing a game, the bigger the screen the better!

Unlike our current TV, I would ensure that our TV was mounted and all the cables and dealt with properly so it looks clean and streamlined. The TV would need to be secured with a tv wall bracket to ensure it is well held but there are some great ones now available that allow you to reposition the TV angle, for example, it all depends on the size of the TV you would be using.

We haven’t brought a new TV in years either so the technology that is now in them is far superior to what we have, this allows for better viewing quality and much more.

Making the perfect family hub in your home

Built-in surround sound –

We always put on our surround sound when we are watching a movie and I would love in the new home that we invested in the built-in surround sound, installed by professionals!

I just feel in the right space this would allow us to have almost cinema-like experiences in our home at a fraction of the cost. No doubt with this though the kids would be wanted popcorn with every movie.

Surround sound is not just for movies though, we use our Firestick to stream Spotify to the TV so it can be used for music too which is great if you are just chilling out in there.

Games consoles –

You can not have a family hub and not have game consoles, especially not for a gaming family like us.

It would be a great place for us to have a competition on Mario Kart or even just for the kids to hang out with friends when they come over. It is also a place where we could shut the door and leave them to play and enjoy some peace in another room as they always get loud when they are online.

Making the perfect family hub in your home

Mini fridge –

Depending on the location of the room, it may be that we put a mini fridge in the room to hold soft drinks and bottles of water. The kids would love this as they wouldn’t need to leave the room for hours however, I am not a huge fan of drinks near where the kids are playing computer as it doesn’t always end well!

There are lots of other great ideas whirling around in my mind at the minute on this room, including things such as LED lights, framed signed football shirts and more. I would love the room to become the central point of our home and when our family and friends come over, it becomes a place to just hang out and relax. We spend so much time working, sitting back and just chilling out in a place we love it is the end goal.

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