Making time as a family when life is hectic

Life is a bit of a fast rollercoaster, it all wizzes by before you have time to take it in.

However since we have got married Daddy Vs Work and I have decided that as well as it being family film night on Friday’s we are also going to try and make it a date night for us too. 

Trying to balance working and all the other things such as swimming and tennis lessons becomes a little bit manic and we wanted to take a step back from it all and just enjoy each other’s time and time together as a family.

Spending time together as a couple or as a family doesn’t have to be expensive.  

There is lots of options that you could together.

Some of our favourite ways to spend time together: 

  • Explore the great outdoors – nothing better than heading to a local park or woods and going for a long walk and exploring what it has to offer.
  •  Games night – We have a selection of board games which we have brought or been brought over the years which the kids love. We take it in turns to pick out which ones we enjoy and everyone then gets to play their favourite game.
  • Cinema – We are very lucky as our local Cineworld is just down the road from where we live so we can take advantage of their kid’s screenings on a Saturday morning. You can’t beat the smell of popcorn as you walk in. Currently there are a few films out which we are looking forward to seeing.  The first one being Avengers: Age of Ultronwe are huge Marvel fans in our house so this is top of the list. Also on the list for Kayleigh is Cinderellashe’s looking forward to seeing Disney back on the big screen and even gets the added bonus of seeing the Frozen short beforehand!
  • Bowling – This is one which is more of a treat than a normal monthly visit. Kayleigh and Ethan love bowling and our local bowling on the weekend morning have disco lights and the lanes are vibrant perfect for kids.

If you’re looking for ways to spend time together why not try some of the following:

  • Cooking a nice meal – why not take it in turns to cook each other something nice to eat away from the normal weekly meals. Take time to sit and talk whilst you are “dining” at home.
  •  Technology free time – Maybe on your date night if you have to stay in you can put on your favourite film, turn off technology and social media and just enjoy each other’s company! 

These are just some of our suggestions but how do you find the best way of spending quality time together as a family or as a couple?

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