Making time for family time

I’ve discussed recently the pros and cons of working myself online and to be honest the pros outweigh the cons hands down. The only thing I am still struggling with is making time for family time.

I know you think working for yourself would make this so much easier to do as you just call it quits and do what you want… wrong.

When you start working for yourself it is even worse! You are so focused on making your business work that you don’t think twice about early starts, late finishes and 16-hour days.

Although I may not be on the computer that long, I’m planning or working from my phone around everyday life.

We have however decided that Friday nights we will be switching off from everything, it is the chance to unwind with the kids away from phones, computers, emails and social media.

Recently we’ve fallen into a habit of picking a film with the kids and having a pizza, lovely and relaxing plus everyone is together enjoying each other’s company. However, buying films can be quite expensive if doing it weekly.

There is another way that is a little less expensive! You can rent your DVD’s and receive them in the post then just swap them when you are ready. Cinema Paradiso offers a great selection of subscriptions for rental depending on your need.

Making time for family time with Cinema Paradiso

For us the 2 at a time, 4 a month option at £6.98 would suit us. We could select our films two at a time then pop those back for our next 2 to come out. This is better value for money as we wouldn’t even be able to buy 1 for that price.

As you can see though they do a wide selection of subscriptions depending on your requirements. Plus if you sign up to their site you can try out a 2 week trial on the subscription and see if it works for you. With films available in DVD, Blu Ray, 3D and 4k it has everyone covered.

One thing I did love about it was the fact like LoveFilm (which is closing if you had not heard!) you can create your film list. So as a family you can create a list of films which you would like to watch in the coming weeks and months. Cinema Paradiso then dispatches your films in your list priority order.

Don’t worry though if you see a new film come out and it’s top of your list. Your list can be re-ordered as you want it to be dispatched. Another great feature is you can cancel your subscription at any time so you are not tied into any long term contacts.

The kids love films and as well as the new releases we have been watching back through the classics, last week we introduced them to Men In Black. Great film but really how can it be 20 years old!? That made me feel ancient!

Do you find that you need to take time out away from everything as a family or do you already have a great family activity that you all do?

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