Making time for those little jobs whilst you are at home

Making time for those little jobs whilst you are at home

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With so many people following the government guidelines and staying home, it turns out there isn’t really the excuse of “when I get time” to do the little jobs around the house!

We spent a lot of time and effort last year working on the back end of our bungalow, reconfiguring the inside and I love it now it is done. Not sure I would want to do such a big project any time soon however there are lots of features that we had put in that I love. For example, our hallway we had been debating whether to put the window in or not, after going back and forth we finally decided to do it and I am so pleased we did.

If you are considering getting a new window or skylight I would definitely say do it! The light that floods in just makes things so much more relaxing and creates a better atmosphere in the house. We have wallpaper with a slight glitter running through it, so now summer is here the hallway is really bright. It is always worth looking around for window special offers, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much getting a window fitted would cost.

We have more to do in the house such as moving the living room wall and getting a new kitchen fitted, however with the warmer weather here, we have got back out in the garden.

The garden, however, is a mammoth task, a little daunting even.

It started after we went into lockdown in getting a chicken coop, we have always wanted chickens so it seemed the perfect time whilst I was home to help them settle in. Now, we can’t actually get chickens for 2 different reasons. Firstly, no one has any stock of chicken! I really do hope those who rushed out to purchase them are given them a good home. Secondly, we have a ton of groundwork to do in the garden just to even get it ready for them.

We live on a hill, our bungalow is up a hill and then the back garden is a hill. I would love to get it put into 2 tiers at the back to allow us space to have a vegetable patch and then a proper patio area, however, these are long term plans. For now, we are cracking on with making a secure platform to get the chickens their new home and get everything else done around them! With the weather as warm as it has been I would love to also get us a little seating area up here too in the long run so we can admire the views!

Are you starting any jobs around the house that you have been putting off? I’d love for you to leave me a comment below on what they are.

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