Making the most of the UK’s beautiful scenery

Making the most of the UK’s beautiful scenery

With the summer holiday’s in full swing now, lots of you may have been away or be trying to get a last-minute escape in. However, have you thought about making the most of the beautiful UK scenery?

With lots of the hotels and holiday parks now full though, have you ever thought about camping?

I know it’s not everyone’s cup a tea but with kids, think of it more as an adventure!

I’ll be completely honest, I wouldn’t even know where to start however do not fear.

Halfords have produced a very handy how to guide on camping. From the best places to camp, to the essentials that you need as well as a handy campfire recipe. They have it all covered for you.

Camping, making the most of the UK Scenery

If, however you are like us and have never been camping though where do you begin with when it comes to camping equipment?

Of course, there is the basics that I know about such as tent, air beds, sleeping bags but is there more I need to get?

I will be upfront here and say that I prefer the comfort of a hotel, you know some where warm, soft bed and a flushing toilet however there is something about camping that is drawing me in. I just think a few nights away with the kids, back to nature, no electricity, no computers, fresh air for everyone may be the break we need.

Sometimes in life you must take away what you have to appreciate what really matters in life and this sounds like the perfect break to do that.

It would also be a great experience for the kids to camp. A chance to experience nature on their doorsteps and learn to do the great things such as cooking by campfire, watching the stars in the night sky and getting woken up by the sun rising and nature waking (rather than the puppy!)

Do you have some great tips for getting out camping with the kids? I would love to hear your experience of camping with kids or any tips for making it as stress free as possible!

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