Matching Family T-Shirt Ideas

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It is summer, and you are gearing up for your annual family reunion. You are calling around to t-shirt printing companies to try and figure out how much It will cost to provide t-shirts for everyone in your clan. You want to make sure this year’s shirts are fun for everyone and will look good on all different body types.

You can always create a shirt that simply says your last name and Family Reunion, 2022. There are a few different matching family t-shirt ideas that your brood is sure to love.

The Family Crest

A family crest is unique and looks great on a t-shirt. The family crest or coat of arms was popular from the 11th century to the 17th century. Crests were passed along from men to their firstborn sons. A crest tells you a bit about the family’s history and their place in society. If you do a bit of research on your family’s last name, you may find that you have a crest.

Googling it is not a good method for finding your crest. You will find several different family crests under one last name. There are a few different organizations and websites that are devoted to helping people find their family crests. If you cannot find a crest that you can confirm as associated with your family, you can simply make a crest of your own.

 A Family Motto

Do you and your family have words that you live by? If you do, you can always put them on the t-shirt. It can be something inspirational, humorous, or something very inside that only people in your family would understand.

There are certain things that family members understand about each other that no one else ever will. A family motto is a great way to pay tribute to the special bond shared between family members.

A Symbol of Unity

Does your family love to sail? Perhaps you are all big football fans. If there is something that everyone in your family just loves to do, you might want to reference that on a t-shirt. If you love golfing, put a set of golf clubs on your shirt. If you are all camping enthusiasts, put a picture of a tent on a shirt.

A Family Photo

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. You can put a group picture of your last family reunion on this year’s t-shirt. You can also put tiny headshots of everyone in the family on a t-shirt.

If your family has any new additions this year, put a picture of them on a t-shirt to make them feel welcome. Family pets always look cute on a shirt.

Use a graphic of a tree, with pictures of each individual family member hanging from the branches. If You do not have pictures of everyone, or if there are some people who are simply camera shy, put a graphic with the names of family members hanging from a family tree.

Your family reunion only happens once a year. If you put some thought into your t-shirts, your family members will have a souvenir they can wear again and again.

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