Meal Planning Monday – 15/02/2016

We are back round at Monday planning for the week ahead already.

Last week was a bit more successful with sticking to our meal planning which was good. It is much nicer being able to check what is for dinner so once I get back in from work it’s just a case of making it rather than trying to think what to make before we even get started.

So here is our weeks plan :

Monday – Guest so likely to be takeaway

Tuesday – Tuna pasta bake

Wednesday – Taco boats

Thursday – Spaghetti bolognaise

Friday – Treat night, we have a takeaway and movie with the kids

Saturday – Turkey enchiladas

Sunday – Stuffed chicken, with new potatoes and green beans

I’m trying to mix up our menu a bit this week as we have some bits in the freezer such as turkey mince that I’d like to use up. I think next week I’ll have to have a good look in our freezer and see what meats we have and try to have a little think about other recipes we can make from it.

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