Meet the grinch!

Hi my names Paula but you can call me The Grinch.

That is my new nickname from Daddyvswork and he is probably right.

Since my accident I have been probably one of the most grumpy unbearable people to live with. A combination of pain killers, tiredness and an awful lot of pain have brought out this horrible side.

And the insurance company are fuelling the monster. Imagine hulk in the Avengers when he turns green and ugly, you would be picturing me perfectly.

I have lost count the number of times I’ve called Swiftcover over the last 2 and a bit weeks, going round in circles. Then the icing on the cake was us downgrading our car from a 2.2 SRI Vectra to a 1.6 LS Astra which was a year older as they never paid out enough to replace our car! Then the insurance turns out to be a few quid a month more on the new car!

I’m tired.

Tired of fighting with the insurance company, we’ve had to downgrade through no fault of our own. So why are we being punished?

Tired of being in so much pain. Anything over a little while sitting up and I’m in agony. Reliant on pain killers which make me sleepy are not helping. For something which I thought was minor, I’ve ended up with actually a lot more damage than I imagined, I’m so glad I got checked out!

Tired of being tired. I struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep so wake up tired.

Tired of not being me. I’m not who I used to be. I’m short-tempered and grumpy. I get into the car for appointments and can feel the panic rising, that’s just me being in the passenger seat, no idea how I’ll feel when I eventually get in the driver’s seat.

Most of all, I’m tired for feeling like this is all our fault. Yes it was an accident but not one caused by us. So why do I feel like we’re the ones having to pay out?

I know I have to change. I can’t forever live like this, I just want some things to start going our way. I’m tired of just trying to get back what is rightfully ours.

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