Money Doesn’t Mean Everything

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet of late, this is a combination of illness & studying then to add to this I managed to secure myself a job interview.

Lets get something straight to begin with, I don’t hate where I work, I have the flexible hours plus the flexibility if I need to take time off for the children, however there is no where for me to progress in my career. Now I’ve had the children, my focus is to better myself in my career and I don’t intend on spending hours studying to do the job I’m currently doing for the rest of my life.

So when a recruitment agency got in touch to say they had my CV and thought they had an ideal job for me I was intrigued. Especially when they mentioned the company in question were prepared to buy me out of my bonding agreement & then the salary…

I’m not shallow but lets face it if you was offered a job for alot more money it would most certainly make you at least hear them out.

So I went for the interview, what did have to lose?

Firstly I got lost on my way to the interview! We really need to invest in a sat nav, thankfully I had google maps on my iPhone and I had left with plenty of time so I was early even after getting lost. I had already had a nosy at the company before my interview to understand what they do & what sort of company they were, a bit of background knowledge is always good.

Once there the interview seemed to go ok, not quiet the job that was explained to me but none the less it was a pretty impressive role, a huge career jump for me with the chance to progress up the ladder not to mention the company was a huge organisation with projects that I could really make my own.

There was just a few drawbacks, the hours & the travel. They said that favourite line of mine “you may be expected to stay late & maybe work weekends”. Now I’ve heard this before at an internal position that I didn’t get & for me was a blessing in disguise as the “maybe” turned into an “expected” to stay pretty much everyday. So this immediately set alarm bells ringing to me, on top of the fact the hours were 8.30 – 5.30 with every other Friday off plus 45 minutes travel time each way. Plus we would have needed to get another car plus all the exepenses that brings.

I honestly didn’t think I would even get the call for a second interview anyway as I think after being knocked back so many times at my current employment, it has knocked my confidence in my ability & skills. Not just in my job but my whole line of work including my studies.

Even though I know I am good at my job, I think the knock backs have hugely affected me. My work has changed dramatically over the last 6 months due to a new system & like a sponge I’ve absorbed it all, I have helped our staff go live on the system, even helped with the sister company go live & their training. Even directors have come to me for help yet still i doubt my abilities.

You see I think sometimes people who build you up to knock you down don’t realise the impact their actions have at times.

Anyway I went off on one then. I got the call.

This huge multi million pound company were shortlisting me down from 10+ interviewees to the final few.

However this caused an issue! In the 10 days from the interview I had been replaying the interview over and over & really wasn’t sure whether it was something I actually wanted. Job wise yes I did, it’s that sort of opportunity I had been waiting on for ages however my gut had been telling me something different.

I’m a big believer in fate and do truly believe if something is meant to happen it will do, no matter what you have to go through to get there and this was something that I had in mind when I made the decision to turn down the second interview.

Yes it may be my only shot at a job like this for a while & I’ve turned down the chance to almost double my current 28 hour week salary and possibly a life changing job but something didn’t feel right. I can’t put my finger on it but it was too much to be that far away from my children for so long on a job that I really didn’t want to take.

Maybe I wouldn’t have got the job anyway but I didn’t want to waste anyones time when my mind was set, I’ll just take from it that maybe I am good at what I do, especially after being whittled down to the final few to join the finance team of such a huge company. Maybe something like this was all I needed to believe in my abilities.

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