Movies The Lazy Fitness Freak In You Cannot Resist!

Movies The Lazy Fitness Freak In You Cannot Resist!

If you are a die-hard cinema fan or an amateur cinephile, you are sure to be affected by the movies you watch in your life. There have been recorded cases of new drug cartels after the release of ‘The Godfather’, cases of school drop-outs after the release of ‘Dead Poets Society’ and a boom in the field of journalists after ‘Spotlight’. There is just something about the big screen that gets our brains working overtime.

Movies can make you laugh, cry, rebel against everything you know and believe in… and yes, even get you off of the sofa. The primary reason for this is the fact that viewers want to look like the characters they see on screen. No matter how good or bad they are, we can’t help but want to look like the Gods we see on the big screen.

When we sit and watch a film that stars washboard and majorly peachy derrieres, we suddenly feel motivated and decide we want to get fit and in a desirable shape.

So, what films are we talking about here? Are you in need of some serious motivation now that winter is over and summer is fast approaching?

Here are some of the movies that we feel will drive you to the point of wanting to get ridiculously fit!

Vision Quest (1985) – Becoming The Teenage Hunk!

We would struggle to find many teenagers who could have resisted the urge of heading to the gym and toning their body after watching this movie.

Vision Quest is a coming-of-age classic where a high-school wrestler falls in love with an older woman. Throughout the movie, there are several scenes where we see our protagonist sweat and fight inside the ring, giving all that he has in order to beat his opponent.

Every time the energetic Matthew Modine prepared himself for a fight, the sweaty scenes were enough to get both men and women hitting the gym to achieve the very same results!

When it comes to setting the highest standards of perfect bodies, soldiers certainly lead the way. For years, soldiers have been the beacon of health and fitness. It’s not surprising given the physical demands that are expected from them.

Full Metal Jacket (1987) – The Marines Show Us How It’s Done

In Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, the marine soldiers are shown at their physical best. Set during the Vietnam War, all the training sessions, military calls and tedious drills show how ripped a soldier’s body has to be…

The reason behind the actors looking so well-toned is the fact that Kubrick hired a former Marine Drill Instructor to train the cast during the scenes. Owing to the discipline and hard work, the movie would surely make you want to get rid of all that excessive body fat and get as fit as possible!

The ‘Rocky’ Series (1976-2006) – Most Desirable Boxer

Movies The Lazy Fitness Freak In You Cannot Resist! 2

If there had to be a number one spot for a film that fixates on boxing and boxing only, then Rocky would of course always come out on top.

The famous Rocky film series, starring Sylvester Stallone, has certainly inspired generations of both men and women to pick up some gloves and get in the ring.

Needless to say, the films have inspired several thousand viewers to take up boxing, some even professionally. The impact of these movies is so huge that is also inspires people from other sports to start sweating for their passion.

Though all the Rocky movies are equally stunning, Rocky IV would have to be the one that delivers maximum impact on a person’s physical fitness. The famous training session between Rocky and Drago before the final showdown would even make an obese person go for a fat loss personal training package.

300 (2006) – The Sexiest Warriors!

Movies The Lazy Fitness Freak In You Cannot Resist! 3

Before Gerard Butler was desired by almost every woman in the world through ‘P.S.I Love You’, he donned the role of a Spartan like never before!

In this war epic, every single spartan you see in the film has a physique of a God. Butler’s body was that amazingly good that it even put the best physical trainers to shame.

If you feel too exhausted and remain unmotivated to workout, watch the last battle fought by the Spartans. If this doesn’t motivate you to head the gym then we don’t know what will.

Fight Club (1999) – Flex To Destress

When it comes to testing the limits of your body, Fight Club certainly shows individuals pushing themselves to the max – those involved are tormented with physical pain, but that’s the aim of the game!

Based on a weird notion of fighting and getting punched in order to get rid of the routine monotony, the movie showcases some really intense fight sequences.

The highlight, of course, was Brad Pitt’s Tyler, who ran the infamous Fight Club at night. He would  host fights with the promise that it would free people from their inhibitions.

After the movie was released, there were reported cases of people fighting in public places and even underground clubs started to open illegally. Pertaining to the same notion, Pitt’s Tyler would motivate anyone to attain the shape he flaunts in the movie. The flexibility and moves showed in the movie are highly infectious and are bound to make you want to get a fitter physique!

This is how impactful a single movie can be when it comes to getting fitter and having a desirable body. Though every second movie has the protagonist flaunting a desirable physique, these are the movies that are most likely to get you up from your cosy sofa to sweat it out for a perfect body.

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