Do you have much luck?

Recently I had a little bout of playing online bingo, firstly it started off as a little money earner via cash back sites but then I managed to win a few extra pounds too which went straight towards the wedding.

That got me thinking, do you have to be lucky to win at that sort of thing or is it just random? You read all the time of people winning big prizes on lotteries/bingo and competitions but is it luck or fate?!

I never really have much luck normally, I know people that play the lottery or scratch cards once in a while and blooming win every time yet I play religiously and don’t win a thing.

Paddy Power have launched a new advert to share the luck:

I can’t say even being pooped on by a bird has brought me much luck in the past!

Here are Paddy Power’s “The Lucky 7”

Lucky-7-paddy-power-bingo (2)

Have you ever been really lucky? I’d love to hear your stories!

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