My 2 monkey’s!

Well you know a bit about me & my life so now its time to introduce my 2 little monkey’s!

We’ll start with my oldest, Kayleigh 🙂

 Being our 1st born we’ve learnt and adapted so much once Kayleigh came along, we found out we was expecting Kayleigh in February 2008 only 2 months after moving into our new house and only 1 month after deciding we wanted to start a family. She came 3 days late of her due date on 23/10/2008 after a 22 hour labour weighing a fairly impressive 7lb 2oz and it was love at 1st sight 🙂 She’s a real little girly girl loving her play kitchen, dressing up and being a princess whilst also like to run around climbing & hiding with her brother. She loves to help me cook/bake and has a terrible sweet tooth which she gets from me! She started pre-school in May which we pay for her to attend 3 afternoons a week and it has been so worth the money, she has gone from being a shy little girl to coming out of her shell, she now loves to sign for anyone that wants to listen and is becoming a little character now!

And now its Ethan’s turn!

We decided pretty soon after Kayleigh that we would like another and that we would like the age gap to be close together so they grew up with each other, so decided a month before Kayleigh’s birthday to try and we found out the week before Kayleigh’s 1st birthday we were expecting baby no2. Ethan’s pregnancy wasn’t as smooth though, we had a little bleeding scare about 6 weeks into the pregnancy and then we found out at our 4d scan that he was breech and that’s the way he stayed! We did attempt to get him to turn but he was too big by this point so i was booked in for a c-section at 39weeks 4 days. So on the 15/06/2010 Ethan arrived into our family weighing a fairly hefty 8lb 14oz! Ethan is what i would define as a typical boy, he loves to chase his sister (crawling as he’s still not walking!!!) and roll around on the floor, plus he loves his car’s and trains. His character is coming out more and more each day, though at the moment teeth number 5 & 6 are cutting so he’s become Mr. Grumpy!
I find having 2 is more than enough for me and would never change anything, it means that i get to do the typical girly things with Kayleigh whilst watching Ethan go “broom broom” with his cars.
So there you have it, you know a bit about me & now you’ve met my two monkey’s! Keep your eye’s peeled for some reviews of their favourite toys this week 🙂

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