My baby boy walks!

First of all blog and anyone reading i apologize for abandoning you this week. One word to describe my week… Hectic! I’ve just about kept my head above water with my reviews… 🙁

I’ve had office moves going on at work, I’ve been poorly, Ethan’s been puking and pooping for England but more importantly he’s started walking!

I’ve always been worried about Ethan’s movement ability as he was breech (bum 1st) and after a failed attempt to turn him, when i had my c-section we found out 1st of all he was a big baby, all 8lb 14oz, i know its not big by some standards but i wasn’t massive the morning i went in for my c-section

So it surprised everyone when he came out!

But also he was wedged in bum 1st so much so that for a few days after he was like a little frog. He laid with his legs up like a frog. He got the all clear from his hip scan but i always worried about him.

I had no need to though, he got about fine, sitting, crawling and cruising by 7 months but just waiting for him to walk felt like a lifetime.

I think you compare to your other children, even though you don’t mean to, so when he wasn’t walking by his 1st birthday i was a bit concerned as Kayleigh was walking at 11 months, But it turned out to be just laziness. He wouldn’t even walk holding your hand, unless your name was Kayleigh!

Then last week he kept sneakily walking between sofas, whilst doing so he was very steady. Then out of no where he strolled into the kitchen where i nearly knocked him over, not expecting him to be walking through the door!

It seems like that was a bit of a light bulb moment for Ethan as he is now walking whenever he gets his chance, plus he’s mastered standing up unaided too.

So that’s it for me, no more babies, i have 2 toddlers… let the fun begin!

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