My likes and loves: July 2018

My likes and loves: July 2018

I know I say this every month, but the time is flying by and it is hard to believe that July is over, and August is well under way already.

We haven’t really done much in July as we prepared for the summer holidays approaching but at the same time it feels like we haven’t stopped!

Here is what I liked and loved in July:

End of term!

I know it can be a bit of a pain the summer holidays but with my new role I am very thankful for getting the time off with the kids. Getting onto the first day of the holidays was a little strange but it has been lovely to have no routine or plans.

We just go with the day and do what we feel on the day. We haven’t been up to anything really so far just enjoying spending time as a family and relaxing as we go. The kids still have things they would like to tick off their Summer Bucket List so no doubt we will still be busy!

Ethan was also awarded the value champion for year 3 in his school assembly just before they break up. Although he can be a little monkey at time he genuinely does have a kind soul, and this was lovely for him to get.

My likes and loves: July 2018My likes and loves: July 2018

The kids growing up

This is a bit of a bittersweet one however as the kids are growing up they are starting to get more involved with things.

It’s not much but little things like making their own breakfast and lunches etc and even recently they both created their own dinner thanks to Little Cooks Box. It has been lovely watching them do these things even if it does make me a little sad they are growing up so quick!

My likes and loves: July 2018

My likes and loves: July 2018

Homemade food

Being at home for the holidays has meant I have spent a bit more time in the kitchen. I’m not becoming any Mary Berry yet however we have been making our own bread rolls, pizza and dough balls and even ice cream!

There is just something so rewarding when you have made everything from scratch yourself and it was all eaten up, no waste!

My likes and loves: July 2018 #homemadedoughballs #DoughballsMy likes and loves: July 2018 #Homemadepizza

Days out

Taking days out does not need to be expensive! We have been to a pick your own farm which the kids loved taking time to pick strawberries and play in the park.

We have also enjoyed a picnic round at our local park (if you can call it that, it is more of a field!) however the kids burnt off some energy and we all just relaxed with our friends.

Getting outdoors and enjoying the sun before autumn rolls in has been lovely.

My likes and loves: July 2018My likes and loves: July 2018My likes and loves: July 2018

Overall July has been kind to us and I am very thankful for what we have and are able to do. Here’s to a great August before the Christmas (yes, I said the C word!) countdown begins.

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