My Likes and Loves: June 2018

Just like that June has flown by and we are well on our way through 2018. Last month felt like the fastest month of the year, it seemed to finish as quickly as it started without much time in between.

Last month I started this post to remember those bits of the month that may pass in a hurry but be things we would like to remember going forward.

Here are my likes and loves for June:

New grass

Our front garden has been a bit of a muddy hill for some time. We did originally start with grass but then decided to start planning to put a drive on, killing the grass ready to remove the soil. However, finances and plans have changed and this has been put on the back burner for a while.

This then created the problem of the front of our house having a mud hill and the dry weather has not helped. We did try to grow new grass but had no luck so instead invested in turf, which looks amazing. It is a bit hard to keep it looking the way it is now and getting it to take on a hill but fingers crossed it looks this good in a few weeks time.

Birthdays & special occasions     

Ethan celebrated his 8th birthday last month and loved every minute of it. It was a weekend full of treats as it landed on Father’s day so we had a celebratory weekend all round!

New job

I started my new job last month and it has been really good! I’m within a 10-minute walk of work and it is in a school so come a few weeks time I will be off for the summer holiday!

I have been very fortunate to land this role as it is also the school where our children go, so I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy their sports day without the added pressure of getting time off work! It is a busy role but I’ve been enjoying the challenge.

Summer plans

We have started to plan our summer bucket list! We did this last year and the kids enjoyed ticking things off as we went along so we have started to get some ideas together of our summer list, more will be on the blog soon!

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