My princess needs a little extra help :)

Yesterday I was called into the pre-school at pick up time to talk to one of the workers. Back in December they mentioned Kayleigh’s speech being a little hard to understand, it’s not so much the words (as she can talk for England!) but more to do with her pronunciation. At that time they said they are just going to monitor it and see how she goes then reassess it in the new year.

Yesterday they mentioned that it’s not really improving as well as it could and they feel she would benefit from a bit of speech therapy and would I be happy for her to be referred. Now I’m glad they have been monitoring her and watching how she develops, at the same time I feel a little bit guilty, as if I haven’t done enough to help her develop. Now I know lots of children have speech therapy and its a great thing for them, it should help Kayleigh too as she can get frustrated if you don’t understand what she is saying, although I seem to understand her perfectly most days, I can see others point of view for her struggles.

The only thing now is we have to wait about 3 months as that’s the length of the waiting list, so it could be by the time she gets to her appointment that she might not need it.

It’s all just a waiting and learning game at the moment, but one things for sure, I’m proud of how bright my little girl is and nothing will change that 🙂

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