New blogger alert!

Well, many other mummies I know have a blog (looking in the direction of my fellow Madeformum’s CM’s! ) so I thought why not have a go!

Then I thought am likely to be any different to all the other blogs (not that there is anything wrong with other blogs I’d like to add!), the conclusion is possibly… why? for starters most blogs are for reviews etc which i love reading but haven’t really attempted just yet (i will in the coming days as we’ve brought some fab baby/toddler stuff over the years!) and 2) I’m a working mummy which I hate but its a necessity more than a want.

I’m sure any mum reading this that has to work would agree that we don’t work for the love of working but for the need to provide. Maybe I could have done things differently, been debt-free and had savings so I could have a few years off but anyone that know’s me well know that’s not how I live! But I wouldn’t change a thing as even though I have to work I have the most beautiful & clever children.

So there you go, this is me & your about to get to know all about me a whole lot more 🙂