New school year, new start

It has been a funny old few weeks with the new school year starting, it almost feels as though a new start for the kids.

Now for Kayleigh, of course, it is a new start as she has started at high school, however, for Ethan, it was the same too. As he moved into year 6, the work has ramped back up as he starts to gear up for high school. I’m not going to lie, homeschooling was tough, there were times when I just could not do anymore with them as we were all hitting a bit of a wall with it.

It is funny though, although we have been out of school and a routine since March, we all feel like we have never been away. I was a little worried about the return to school and getting into a routine again, however, I didn’t need to worry we were back into it pretty quick. As we have been away so long too, it feels as though the work is done before the summer has been forgotten and they have both got a clean slate for the new year. ┬áThe first few weeks were all about getting back into the swing of things and finding their new normal with their friends. School is not what it used to be, but it is the best it can be in the current situation.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’m sure things will change again as the country battles on with various changes due to the pandemic but all we can do is keep going. Education has been on hold for so long that we need to find a routine to get the kids back into it, whether it be in school, homeschooling or a combination of both over the time.

I know there are so many worries that are coming out with schools opening back up and rightly so, I’m worried too but I am also worried about the kids missing their education again. I’m not a teacher but we gave it the best shot we could but we are embracing this new school year the best we can.

New school year, new start

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