New way of food shopping

Ok I’ll admit it, I’m not the best cook in the world. I do try to attempt new things, granted I’m better at the sweets than I am the savoury!

So a few weeks ago after going through the finances I realised that something needed to change, I could easily go shopping and spend over £100 a week (including toiletries and nappies etc) but really most of this was wasted money, as we had a couple of take aways a week at times too. I used to feed the kids then we would have a take away in the evening.

So I gave my self a talking to and for the last 3 weeks I’ve done my food shopping online. This means that I’ve managed to cut my shopping down to around £60 a week! I do a weekly food planner so we know what were having and when. It also means that we don’t have 2 similar dishes on consecutive days. I must have been an awful impulse buyer!

But I’ve now gone 1 step further! Tomorrow sees the arrival of my slow cooker and I can not wait! Its been a while since we had a slow cooker in this house and this time I plan to use it daily! With stews, hotpots and curries lined up this week that will cook when I’m at work and be ready for our arrival home.

If you have any good family friendly recipes, please share. I would love to make a wide range of dishes in this 🙂

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