New year and time for a home makeover

So the new year is here and lots of resolutions are being made.

We’ve decided this year that one of our resolutions like every year is to get fit, as always! The other one is for us to finally get round to getting plans drawn up and submitted for our home to be extended..

Our house has done us well for the last 8 years however with Kayleigh and Ethan growing up we need that little bit more space for them to have their own rooms and for everyone to have their own space.

So the plan is by the end of 2016 that our homes big makeover will be drawn up and going through the process of being submitted.

There is a long way till we get to this point but I can wait to get started! I have said to Daddy Vs Work that we are going to be little squirrels hoarding pennies ready to pay for it all.

The new space will give us an extra bedroom, our master bedroom a little extension and our kitchen being doubled in size and I can’t wait.

Both Kayleigh and Ethan are already planning what they would like in their own space so make sure you are following on Pinterest as I am likely to be pinning lots of ideas for our home as I look out for the perfect kids bedroom ideas.

Eclectic style nursery/kids room by Мастерская дизайна Welcome Studio

Our current kitchen has been half finished since Ethan was born but there was no point in paying out money ready for us to rip it out once we extend but now I have big plans!

I want a space that is bright and airy, with lots of workspace and storage. I can already imagine having those storage draws perfect for my baking bits ready to get in the kitchen. You know all those adverts that come on with the storage suggestions and handy little gadgets on them, I want them all!

CASA RR8 : Minimalist kitchen by Grupo Arsciniest

I haven’t really started to think about colours in our kitchen but like the picture above I think it will be quite bright and decluttered with splashes of colour throughout.

Its going to be a long road until we get our dream home however I can’t wait for us to get started on the journey and see the final product.

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