Nightmares… what to do?!

Since taking Kayleigh and Ethan to see Ice Age 4 – sleep has been a bit hit and miss.

We’ve never really had too many problems at bedtime in general (though we have had the odd bad night!) so Ethan waking up screaming in the night for several hours has been a real issue, especially as Kayleigh and Ethan share a room.

There was one night that Ethan was up and down for almost 3 1/2 hours then back up at 6am… gah even I can’t function with that little sleep!

The only thing we can put it down to is nightmares, it started the night we went to see Ice Age 4. It’s not awfully scary but there is a particular bit with these little see monsters which was a bit more sinister than the usual Ice Age type action.

At the moment the only thing we can do is leave the bathroom light on and their bedroom door open for it to leave a little glow in their room, this seems to have worked. However I don’t really want to be leaving a light on all night permanently.

What do I do? Leave it a week and try again with no light? Or is there something else that may work? He has a car glow light however that didn’t sooth him as he wanted the door open and the light on.

All I want is a good nights sleep!

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