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Online gaming is a big thing now, from FPS to MMO’s. Online gaming is a multi-million-pound business these days and it can cost the player a pretty penny too with the average game now costing around £50 a time. With the rise in online gaming, the rise in e-sports competitions alongside this has become a big business with prize funds in some competitions of up to $1 million. Whether you like games or not, you can not deny how much they are part of peoples lives now.

I have played a variety of games over the years including MMO’s with monthly subscriptions and FPS, with each game taking a different amount of time and commitment to complete. However, sometimes you want to just play a game without really getting drawn in and having to be online every spare minute of the day. This is where comes in, they have over 150 games available that are free to play and do not require any signs ups or subscriptions.

Over the last few weeks, I have been giving some of their games a try in my spare time and I’ll come back to those shortly, first though, let me talk you through a little about their site.

On their home page, you have the choice of some of the most popular games broken out into categories such as player favourites, arcade classics and simulation. From any of these, you can head straight into your game and get playing. If none of these takes your fancy, you can either scroll to the bottom and search for a game or select from the category collection at the bottom. One of my favourite things about this site, there is no sign-ups and no ads. Which makes it perfect for kids to play too! Sometimes, you just want to chill out and spend 10 minutes playing something fun that you can put down and leave to get on with the rest of the day. You don’t want the hassle of ads popping up or long-winded signup options to go alongside it, gaming should be fun and is just that.

Now back to my favourite games, here are my top 3 games for you to play on

Among Us Pin Puzzle Game

This one is simple to begin with but addictive as you fly through the levels and try to complete each one. The main aim of the game is to pull the pins on your Among Us character without them falling into the lava or being attacked by imposters. It may seem pretty simple to most but I have to say, it does make you think a bit more on some of the levels!

You can do as many levels as you want on this and come back and pick back up later in the day.

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Neon Invaders

Based on the classic Space Invaders, you need to pick your ship and the background then head into battle. Don’t be fooled, this game however is harder than I first thought! I underestimated my ability in this game the first time I played it and got taken out pretty quickly.

Use the walls to keep safe from ship fire as you try and take out the ships coming in for the attack. I enjoyed this game, even if I did lose pretty quickly the first time around.

Super Tetris

I think this may be my favourite of all the games on the site. If you loved Tetris as a kid, you are going to love this and it is addictive! Using your keyboard, you can get stuck straight into the game without any faffing around and be warned, time will fly by whilst playing this game.

It is a real blast from the past and I loved it!

Online gaming at

If you are looking for some games online that don’t cost anything but are still fun, is the place to start! There is something for everyone on there to enjoy and I have loved playing these games plus so many others.

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